Sometimes youth ministry can be an area of life that can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to creativity in activity and information. With all the advances in technology to day, creativity has been given a larger pair of wings. Thanks to the internet, information is so readily available to many people and as a youth ministry worker, it is exciting and very useful. Blogs and websites allow for ministry workers across the globe to find ideas to use with the click of a button.

Looking at other youth worker blogs, I have found the good and bad of blogs. To start with the good, is a blog written by Youth Pastor, Jeremy Zach. Zach has done a very good job in creating, organizing and informing his readers about Youth Ministry. The blog ReYouth Pastor is very easily laid out with the main pages listed at the top of the blog site, related articles and information at the bottom of the blog and about Zach on the right side of the page. *See below*

Overall ReYouth Pastor is a very useful sight because it provides practical information for youth workers. The blog is well organized, it has a very simple but classy color scheme and it shows that Jeremy Zach knows his stuff about Youth Ministry.

ReYouth Pastor


On the negative side, I looked over the Patheos blog, located at While this blog is well organized, the posts contained in this blog are not appropriate in the sense of Youth Ministry. Each post contains writing that seems to go on forever. The posts are incredibly wordy and are not well defined. There are pop-up ads located all along the page and the page seems very overwhelming. Sheer simplicity has its benefits at times and in the case of Patheos blog, simple would have been better. *See below*



Thanks for checking out my first post! Can’t wait to post more! Remember youth ministry goes way beyond the Poohgler Pit.


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