Disciple Now or Bust

D-Now 2014_Luke_logo

We recently finished our Disciple Now event of 2014 at our church. As a member of the student ministry team at our church I had the opportunity to work behind the scenes and during the course of the event. My job at the event seemed to be neverending. Whether I was ordering shirts, creating booklets for the weekend, leading music, taking pictures, making food or organizing games, I was very involved.

When preparing for this weekend, my group worked hard on preparing music for the event. Our band is a newly formed group of college students who have really never led worship before. So in preparation, as the leader, I began researching ideas of why we worship and the purpose a worship leader has. I found a blog by Mark Gungor, a leading musician in the Christian Music realm. In his blog post called, “Attention all Worship Leaders, Musicians and Singers!” he addresses how the church has interpreted the definition of worship incorrectly. Worship leaders have been given an elevated position that is not found anywhere in the Bible. The truth that Mark highlights is that any person can worship God, not just musicians or a person standing on a stage. The other thing shown is that an individual who leads praise and worship part of a service are also held to a high standard ans should be living a life that sets a godly example for those around them.

Reading all of this really struck a chord with me. As a person, a fallible human being, I have the responsibility to set an example in my life for the students, college students and adults I work with. I also need to be an example for the other individuals in my band. So I was left with the question, how am I living? Am I setting an example that others could and should follow? These are questions I still have to constantly evaluate.


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